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Free Phone Consultation

CALL STERLING LAW OFFICE AT (231) 486-0559 / (989) 705-2326

or fill out the form below for a free phone consultation.

We follow up phone consults with a Case Evaluation. At a Case Evaluation, we meet with you in person (also by video conference if you are unable to come to the office). After an intake interview, we hear your story and your goals. We help you understand your legal rights. After we help you sort it all out, we create for you a Plan of Action identifying your Next Steps to reach your goals. We charge a flat fee of $95.00 for the Case Evaluation. Most people find that the Case Evaluation is extremely helpful. We see these potential clients lift their shoulders and breathe a sigh of relief when they leave our office following a Case Evaluation.

After a case evaluation, if the plan of action calls for attorney involvement, you may want to hire our firm to represent you. If so, you can expect to then sign a contract and pay a deposit on your future legal expenses.

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