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Post-Judgement Issues

Months or years after a family law case has closed, clients may discover that a modification to support or custody orders needs to be made to suit the best interests of the involved parties and children. This is post-judgment modification.

ADAM family law attorneys are highly qualified, well-trained advocates of post-judgment modifications and other family law matters. Some post-judgment modifications on which we represent our clients are:

Spousal and child support changes: Modifications involving support orders are often highly contested issues. The courts frequently want documentation that shows evidence as to why the standing order should be changed. Child support can be increased or decreased due to substantial changes in parenting time and/or income of the parents. Changes in income of the former spouse also can affect the size and frequency of alimony / spousal support payments.

Change-of-domicile child custody: Many custody modifications stem from one parent's desire to move out of the state, or more than 100 miles from their current location. If the parent wants to move out of state or more than 100 miles away from the other parent, the modification must be handled through the courts. Relocation issues can be complex and may require documentation of reasons for the move, such as a new job or a new marriage.

Call ADAM at 231-943-2326 / 989-705-2326 for a free family law phone consult. We follow up phone consults with a Case Evaluation.

At a Case Evaluation, we meet with you in person (or by video conference if you are unable to come to one of our offices). After an intake interview, we hear your story and your goals. We help you understand your legal rights. After we help you sort it all out, we create for you a Plan of Action identifying your Next Steps to reach your goals. We charge a flat fee of $100.00 for the Case Evaluation. Most people find that the Case Evaluation is extremely helpful. We see these potential clients lift their shoulders and breathe a sigh of relief when they leave our office following a Case Evaluation.

After a case evaluation, if the plan of action calls for attorney involvement, you may want to hire our firm to represent you. If so, you can expect to then sign a contract and pay a deposit on your future legal expenses.



Success Story



Your time was always well spent on necessary research, preparation, all areas pertaining to my case - often beyond my expectations, always with beneficial results.  Your advice and forethought plus experience was appreciated.  Under such emotional circumstances it was a great comfort to put my trust in your judgment.

- Divorce Client
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